German PDC Darts-Professional

About me

Name: Ricardo Pietreczko

Born on: October 20, 1994 in Berlin

Residence: Nuremberg

Nickname: Pikachu

PDC-Professional since: 2022

I've been a passionate darts player since 2010. In more than 12 years of darts sport, I was already able to achieve some successes in the DDV, WDF, BDO and last but not least in the PDC.

At the beginning of 2022 I took the last step and was able to secure a tour ticket for the next 2 years at the PDC EU Q-School 2022!



2022 PDC Q-School Tour Card Win

2022 PDC Pro Tour Semi Final

2022 Players Championship Finals L32

2022 UK Open L128

2021 5 x Challenge Tour Quarterfinal

2020 2. Round European Darts Grand Prix


Ricardo Pietreczko

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